Mokita Naturals Biotin Hair Volumizing Thickening Shampoo

Many people are unable to grow the thick, full hair they desire. And you’re not alone. Hair Loss has always been a common problem. Help support your hair growth and volume with Mokita Naturals Regenerate Shampoo that repairs hair damage and promote healthy hair growth.Regenerate Volumizing Shampoo is enriched with natural ingredients like marigold flower extract, green tea leaf extract, and rosemary leaf extract that help to hydrate your scalp and minimize the effects of dandruff. Cucumber fruit extract and aloe barbadensis leaf juice are rich with vitamins and minerals that help your hair grow healthy and appear stronger. Matricaria flower extract helps to strengthen the roots of your hair. Together, these powerful, safe and effective natural ingredients help fight dandruff, dry hair, strengthen your hair roots, nourish your scalp and promote healthier fuller, thicker hair growth.


  • Healthy Hair Growth and Thickening Shampoo - Due to its advanced botanical extract-based formula, Mokita Naturals healthy hair growth shampoo for thinning hair deeply nourishes your hair to help reple
  • An Elite Biotin Shampoo for Men and Women - Mokita Naturals healthy hair growth shampoo aids in hair thickening and will help cleanse, hydrate and nourish your curly, dry, fine, normal, oily, straight
  • Powerful and Safe Botanical Formula - Infused with 7 botanical extracts, the goal of this shampoo is to leave you with healthy and radiant hair after each wash. Our healthy hair growth shampoo contain
  • Deep Cleanse Your Hair - with a premium daily clarifying shampoo. It neutralizes the effects of hard water and styling products, that can make your hair look dull. It helps restore a healthy balance i
  • Get Your Healthy Hair Growth Shampoo With Full Confidence - The only thing that matters to us is your happiness and Mokita Naturals always stands behind its products which is why our Mokita healthy ha