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MATCC 400g Car Interior Cleaning gel Universal Interior Cleaner Automotive Cleaning Putty Dust Cleaning Mud for Car Dust Vent Crevice Laptop Home (2 Pack)

The cleaning gel is a good helper for car cleaning detailing and household cleaning. Working great to remove dirt, dust and little crumbs out of crevasses of small corners without sticking hands or leaving residue. What’s more, it’s non-toxic, skin-friendly, non-sticky made of biodegradable and natural material. And it can be of repeated usage.

bzczh Wheel & Tire Brush,8 Pcs Car Detail Washing Brush Set,17inch Long Handle Wheel Brush + 6 Car Detailing Brushes + One Tire Cleaning Short Brush Kit for Cleans Dirty Tires Wheels & Releases Dirt

If you are looking for a wheel cleaning brush that is easy to clean your tires, you can stop your footstep, because we have the car brush cleaner set you want - 8 Pcs Wheel & Tire Brush,Car Detail Washing Brushes Kit bzczh car tire brush set can deeply clean car wheels and rims and other compact areas. All wheel parts need different special cleaning tools. Use our brush to gently scrub dirt without damaging sensitive wheel surfaces. - The extra long 18 inch brush slides into the alloy wheel and custom rims to remove mud, dirt and brake dust from the depth of the wheel barrel; - Short handle cleaning brush, its soft synthetic bristle is separated to remove hard dirt, debris and brake dust on sensitive wheels and rims. The shape of the handle conforms to the ergonomic comfort, powerful cleaning and low fatigue prolonged scrubbing. - 6 brushes of different lengths are designed for fine internal and external details. The boar brush is made of fine boar mane and durable plastic parts.The brush head allows you to quickly clean your wheels and is long enough that you will not bang your knuckles on your wheels.Just only a bucket water with our wheel tire brush and soap,clean your wheel rims by hand. Easily reaches delicate nooks and crannies in wheels rims and Tyre.

Turtle Wax 53447 Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Acrylic Black Spray Wax

Boasting decades of experience in car care, coupled with the perfect blend of the latest in premium technology, Turtle Wax introduces the “must have” product for owners of black vehicles. The Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Acrylic Black Wax is to deliver unmatched long-lasting results. This simple spray on formula not only fills in surface imperfections that black cars are often prone to, but also leaves behind jet black color depth and insane glossy shine, enhancing the finish of black paint new and old. The Ceramic Acrylic polymers bond to the vehicle’s surface, and with the recommended 24-hour cure time, and a second application this product can provide up to 12 months of protection. Featuring SiO2, this product repels water and environmental contaminants to keep your black car cleaner longer, making in between maintenance a breeze. Use this black spray wax regularly for layered protection, or pair with other products in the Hybrid Solutions Ceramic family, such as the Ceramic Wash & Wax or the Ceramic 3-in-1 Detailer.

3 Pcs Car Detailing Kit Car Cleaning Kit with Jasmine Fragrance Flexible Car Cleaning Supplies Auto Detailing Supplies Multifunctional Car Interior Cleaner Car Accessories for Men Super Cleaning Gel

Do you have such trouble: digital products can not be washed with water, but you can't clean it well with a rag. Now it is time to use our super cleaning gel, making dust nowhere to hide.First press and then pull—You only need these two steps to clean the cracks and crevices in everything. Care for your things. Very useful, convenient, practical and affordable!Dust cleaner gel is very soft and can be freely changed into various shapes. Just press the cleaning glue into the cracks and crevices by hand to remove the dust.